Monday, September 26, 2011

New and Improved Monday Textercises!

Hi! As promised, and as requested, I have added in a few new things this week. Where the work outs are getting longer, I am trying to separate out into upper and lower body with a little core thrown in every day. Let me know any questions/concerns.

Warm Ups:

  • ARM: Arms/upperbody (I like her suggestion to use soup cans if you don't have dumbbells)
  • CRU: Crunches
  • PU: Pushups
    Note: Some people prefer to do them "girly style" where you start on your knees, but I can't do them that way cause of my knee issues. What ever works best for you.
Stuff that will make you call me names:
  • LC: Leg Climbers
    Note: The scrawny twits in the video make this look easy, but they are HELL.

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