Saturday, December 3, 2011

18 Miles to Go

One of my goals for this year was to walk 500 miles. I am currently at 482 (go, Forrest, go!) with 18 left to do. I figure with 2 miles a day at the gym, I should hit 500 sometime next week (although, since Heather has been with me through most of it, I promised I would save the last mile for when we are together.)

So now, I'm thinking I should do something to celebrate 500. My first thought was cake. But, given that I am currently in the middle of Alison's 21 day challenge, I guess that is out. But I am open to suggestions.

I do know one thing I plan to do - get a new pair of sneakers so I can start the 750 that I plan to do next year.  That, combined with Burpies for Boobies should keep me busy next year!

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