Saturday, December 3, 2011

Event Update: SOS Walk at Riverside

Today was kind of a weird SOS walk. We started at Riverside and just kind of meandered. We didn't want to go out onto the main road due to car fumes, so we just kind of wandered around for 2.5 hours. But, we did get the whole 6 miles in. If you didn't GOYB today, here is what you missed!

This is an immature white ibis. I know you are but what am I??
This is a tree that Heather thought had a scary face at the top. I agreed, and neither of us were even drinking.
A little blue heron looking particularly majestic.
Weird fuzzy thing growing on the tennis court wall. It kind of looked like the kinda thing a spider makes when she is saving her dinner for later.
The divine Ms. H demonstrating a lovely hunk of fungus growing on the tree.

Ok, I admit, it wasn't the most exciting SOS walk we've had, but it was fun, we got a good workout,  fun conversation, and 6 miles closer to my goal of 500 miles.

Join us on our next walk. Remember, you can see cool stuff on TV and the internet, but you can only really experience it if you GOYB!

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