Saturday, March 9, 2013

Samson's Island

Had a terrific day out on Sampson's Island. As with last year's event, we had a great-horned owl with a baby, and some osprey getting ready to get down. If you didn't GOYB and join us today, here's what you missed:

 An oprey building it's nest. We didn't see them getting down, but there was a boy and a girl and I'm pretty sure they had some Marvin Gaye music queued up.
My favorite thing on Sampson's Island is the antlions. They are all over and very cool. I love pointing them out to folks who have never seen them before. Like me, they are always amazed at such a clever little critter!

Make sure you join us for a future walk. We have Pelican Island, Devil's Millhopper, and lots more cool stuff coming up! Remember,  you can look at my pictures on the internet, but you can only be truly one of the cool kids if you come out and play with us!

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