Thursday, November 14, 2013

Announcing the DeeMotivation 2014 Challenge!

I have decided to get next year's challenge out early so we can all get prepped (and by prepped, I mean clean out your cupboards.) Here is the official DeeMotivation 2014 Challenge for next year. Your mission, should you choose to accept it:
  • Traverse 1000 miles self-propelled (this can include bike, stationary bike, treadmill, rower, kayak, snowshoe, however you want as long as it's self propelled.)
  • Complete 1000 consecutive junk-free hours starting midnight January 1.
    • Many people have mentioned that "junk" is subjective. So, it's up to you, this is the honor system. Some people are using a tracker such as MyFitnessPal or Tap and Track, for them, taking in more calories than they expend is the bench mark. I found myself obsessing about food more than usual when I used a program like that so I will be journalling on paper. 
    • That said, I think we can all declare the following as "junk"
      • Any food that has any HFCS at all
      • Any food that has sugar as the first ingredient
      • Anything from a fast food restaurant (burgers, fries, pizza, fried chicken)
      • Candy, cookies, pie, cake, chips, soda, alcohol, donuts etc.
  • (Optional) I am afraid that at 6:01 a.m. on February 10 (that is, 1000 hours), people will go nuts and eat everything in site. So, to help prevent that, if you want, send me $14.00 before the first of the year. The money will be split 70/20/10% among the top 3 who make it the longest AFTER the first 1000 hours. In the unlikely event that no one makes it to 1000 hours, all of the money will be donated to next year's Kidney Foundation walk fundraiser.  And, since we are all human, if you have a slip up, it is not the end of the world, BUT you do have to pitch in another $7.00 each time you slip up if you want to stay in the competition. Oh, and to show I'm not s total killjoy:
    • You get 50 calories a day to do what you want. If you are doing an online tracker you still have to add them, but they won't count as a cheat. For example, I'll use this for my morning coffee.
    • You get your birthday off. Nothing you do on your birthday counts.
If you are in, please let me know either here, by email or on Facebook, and if you are in for the wager, please either bring the money the next time I see you or snail-mail it to be before the first of the year.

Please note that this is all on the honor system, and you are responsible for tracking your own mileage.

We gonna do this thing? YES! GO US!


  1. Still not diggin' the fact that sugar in coffee & diet sodas are considered ok. But, i'd like to hear form the other DeeMotivation followers to see what they are thinkin'.

  2. Hi, Dee. I'm friends with Amy, Beth and Kathy. I flaked out on the 1000 mile challenge last year (partly due to health stuff, partly due to Shelbyness) but I'd like to participate this year.

  3. I am considering joining. But I would also need an exemption for my coffee creamer / sweetener / flavor-er.

    1. Hi, personally, I am for the coffee exemption, as long as people understand this is just regular coffee, not a venti-mocha-double whip from Starbucks.

    2. in half & half or very natural, but coffee "flavor-er" is DEFINITELY junk food. Have you looked at the ingredient list on some of those products? PALM OIL! And, barely even anything real.

  4. Ok, have discussed with Alison, who I agreed to let have the last word. Here is Alison's input:

    -- I think I have to agree with Heather on the diet soda part. I think that is a serious junk food, and there are other ways to get caffeine.

    -- I like the idea of everyone describing their definition of junk food.

    -- If you are going with the sugar, I would maybe limit it to 1 or 2 teaspoons a day. Or maybe 1 tablespoon of organic honey instead.

    -- I would say no HFCS so matter where its listed on the ingredients.

    Unless I hear a huge outcry, I will update the rules with this.

  5. Im diggin' it....anyone ever tried honey in coffee??

  6. Well, I am out of the official challenge. BUT .. I am going to try to do the 1000 miles over the course of the year. AND .. the junk food challenge with my own definitions of junk food for 100 hours at a time - but 10 times throughout the year.