Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Goals and Resolutions 2014

I just realized that I forgot to post goals and resolutions last year. Here are some for this year:

  • Traverse 1000 miles in a self-powered manner. Would like to do more walking this year than biking, but however I get there, at least I'll get there. 
  • Spend (at LEAST) the first 1000 hours of 2014 junk-food free. This will be hard, but is doable.
  • Delete Twitter/Facebook from my phone. I realized I was spending far too much time being out, but not in the moment, it was making me sad. No more. (This is already DONE!)
  • My big one is to do something creative every day, and no wasting time on the internet till this is done. Blogging is creative - reading is not. 
What about you? Other than DeeMotivation 2014, do you have goals for this year? Please share, we can all work together to make our lives the best they can be!

1 comment:

  1. I'm going to write every day as soon as I get settled in to my apartment. I'm going to do the things that help me to draw closer to the Lord. I'm going to learn to be hands-off with my kids unless they ask for my help.