Friday, December 19, 2014

Apopka Christmas Bird Count

I joined David on the Zellwood CBC which covers the Lake Apopka Restoration Area. You might remember the Lake Apopka Restoration area as home to the Great Owl Box project.  I have gone back a few times over the years to see how things are progressing out there, but this is the first CBC I've done there in a long time. If you didn't GOYB and join us, here's what you missed:

I have titled this picture "Why I Moved to Florida".
The Ibises are starting to move off their roost.
I wasn't trying intentionally for a silhouette here, but thought it was interesting how it shows 2 Black Vultures in totally different positions in flight.
This is an immature Black-crowned Night Heron.
An Osprey carrying his breakfast, a Gar.
A Green Heron looking all dramatic and pretty.
A Red-shouldered Hawk posing for me.
A Yellow-rump Warbler saying hi and posing nicely.
This is a cool picture that show male and female Red-wing Blackbirds. I don't often see them together, which makes it difficult to identify the girls as they look nothing like the boys. Tip: Compare the beak, eyes and feet - they are identical - don't get thrown off by the fact that the feathers look so different.
Another Yellow-rump Warbler saying hi and posing nicely.
A Phoebe being all dramatic and showy for me.
I like to call this one, "Why So Serious"? Eagles really just don't seem like they would laugh at my jokes.
Still one of my favorite birds, the Turkey Vulture. I just love their face.
Osprey and Vulture. This isn't a perfect picture, the color is off, but there was something I liked about it. I think it would make a nice painting or drawing. Someday.
I liked how this Turkey Vulture looked like she was trying to be demure, kind of hiding behind the branch.
This was unexpected. A parachuter!
This was cool - David and a Northern Harrier.
Great Egret. I like the color in this one.
Ibis in silhouette.
I call this one "Why I Totally Love The New Camera" aka, Barred Owl taking a nap in a tree. Best owl shot I've ever gotten in the wild.
I felt bad for this Little Blue Heron. He had some kind of sticky smutz on his beak. He kept trying to wipe it off on his feathers, but his feathers just kept sticking to the smutz.
I felt kind of bad - I took a bunch of pictures, then he looked at me and said, "Hey, little privacy? I'm having a personal issue here." I apologized and left.

We had a great time. If you get the chance to get out there, Lake Apopka is a marvelous place for birding and hiking. Hope you join us on a walk soon!

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