Thursday, December 11, 2014

Goodwin WMA and Broadmoor

Had an awesome trip out to Goodwin and Broadmoor today with David and a new friend, Terry. Here are some pictures from our grand day out!

First bird of the day was a Greater Yellowlegs who posed quite nicely for us.
The moon was still out when we started.
I love the way the dawn sunshine lit up this gorgeous Great Blue Heron.
Getting in practice for next week's bird counds. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5...
This beautiful Red-shouldered Hawk posed for us.
Deer, dear. And a Glossy Ibis.
It's hard to believe that this sweet little happy Shrike has the nick-name "The Butcher Bird".
Woo-hoo! The first of 3 life birds for me today. An American Bittern, which I had seen but never photographed before.
Another lifer! A Redhead.
A While Pelican. There was just something silly or slightly drunk looking about his expression.
My final lifer of the day, a Purple Swamphen. I saw one of these in south Florida a million years ago, back when David and I were dating, but I was shooting film back then, and couldn't find the picture.

As always, was a great time out there, hope you will join us out there some day!

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