Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Sebastian Inlet

Did an impromptu trip out to Sebastian Inlet this morning. Got some interesting pictures, there is always something to see out there.

We have a rare Greater Cormorant visiting here from the north.
 Compare and contrast the Greater Cormorant on the left, with the Double Crested Cormorant on the right. Note the differences in the beak, plumage, and overall size.
 I love this Woodstork pose. He looks like those pictures you see of teenage girls who always do that weird pose with one bent leg that is supposed to show off something but I'm not quite sure what.
Look at his face close up. Looks like he could use some Eucerin and chap stick!
 Check out this close up of his legs they almost look scaly, like a snake at the top.
This is another interesting group shot of white and brown pelicans, greater and double crested cormorant, and a great blue heron.
2 pelicans just hanging.
"Hey Marge, that guy is totally checking you out."

"Oh man, I hope he doesn't come over here I can't stand him, he..."
 "Well, Helllooooo ladies.... You look like you need the company of a real man..."
4 Pelicans looking artsy.
 "You put your right foot in..."
"...then you shake it all about..."
A Herring Gull. Not an exciting bird from a distance, but their plumage is quite pretty up close.
Another interesting comparison shot of Black Skimmers with a Ring Billed Gull, a Laughing Gull, and a Royal Tern.

Twas a fun but cold day out there on the beach, and it's finally stopped raining. Yay!

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