Saturday, December 13, 2014

Bok Tower Tour

We had a great tour of the Carillion at Bok Tower today. I had some camera issues (new user error) so didn't get any pictures inside, but here are some other pictures I got once I figured out the camera. If you didn't GOYB and join us, here's what you missed:

These are the "chirping birds" on the iron gates leading into the tower.
 This is the door to the tower. It weighs 700 pounds and takes 8 hours to polish, so we were told to keep our mitts off of it, lest we get punished by having to do the polishing next time.
 The pictures engraved in the door depict scenes from Genesis. Shown here is the creation myth.
The detail on the door is pretty amazing.
The tower is quite glorious. There are tons of bird and other nature carvings. I notice something new every time I go there.
 There were a ton of Zebra Longwings there.
Another Zebra Longwing.
A cool palm. The poofy thing in the middle looked like a muppet to me.
There were a ton of brilliant Poinsettias there too.

The tour we took inside the tower was for members only, but the publicly accessible tower and grounds are beyond amazing too. Make sure you come out and join us next time. You can only see pictures of the tower here, but you can only experience the glorious music and colors if you actually GOYB and join us!

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