Thursday, September 22, 2011


Due to a bizarre typo (long story) today's interpretive dance warm up is Madonna's Vogue.

Warm Ups:
Stuff that will make you call me names:

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  1. ok. Here it is 9:40 and I am JUST NOW finishing. That is bc I did 1.5 hrs of house cleaning - IN HEELS to work my calves - damn, I may regret that.

    I owed 2x everything. So, I did:
    60 WM (hello - DIZZY)
    60 JAX
    60 SLR & BLR
    210 CRU
    60 SQ (ouchie)
    60 SL (double ouchie)
    20 PUs (i know - whimpy)
    I did ZERO LC

    Over & out coach! C u @parktomorrow on Fri @6:30